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5 Tips for Jaw-Dropping BBQ Ribs

September 19, 2022
5 Tips for Jaw-Dropping BBQ Ribs

Are you ready to wow your friends and family with the best ribs they’ve ever tasted? We’re about to give you five tips that will help you to deliver mouth-watering, perfectly cooked ribs every time. This summer, you’re going to successfully defend your title as the best grill master in your neighborhood.

  1. Get the Right Rack – If you want your ribs to cook evenly, they have to be even. Makes sure both the meat and the fat are evenly distributed. This will give you a nice even cook and ensure that everyone enjoys the same delicious bite.
  2. No Silver Skin – This is the silver color skin that is found on the underside of the rack of ribs. Of course, a good butcher will remove this for you if you ask. However, if you already have the ribs at home, be sure to remove them yourself carefully.
  3. Make Your Own Dry Rub – We won’t get into the details here since we recently posted a blog on how to make and use a rub the right way, but feel free to read the post.
  4. Get a Grill Thermometer – Even if your grill has a thermometer, you don’t want to take chances with ribs. You need to cook them low and slow at 250 degrees. If your grill’s temperature is off and you are cooking at 300, you can end up with dry, overcooked ribs.
  5. Rest Your Meat – This isn’t ribs specific. Just about every type of meat should sit for 15-20 minutes before you cut into it. This gives the meat time to reabsorb the juices. Otherwise, they just end up all over the cutting board and the ribs dry out fast.
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