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4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Grill Marks on Your Protein

September 19, 2022
4 Tips for Getting the Perfect Grill Marks on Your Protein

Grill marks not only add a lot of flavor to your favorite proteins, but they also give meats that classic grilled appearance. How can you get the perfect grill marks every time? Here are four tips:

  1. Make sure the grill is preheated. You’re not going to get grill marks if you throw the meat on the grill while it is still warming up.
  2. Oil your protein rather than the grill. If you oil the grill, the oil will stick to the grill, and so will the meat. If you oil the meat, it will pull away easily from the grill with the marks intact.
  3. Test the meats before turning. The meat should come away from the grill easily. If there is any resistance, it’s not ready to turn yet. Just start with the corner so you don’t mess up an entire piece of meat by jumping the gun.
  4. Turn the meat to 45 degrees. This gives you that perfect crosshatch look that is so coveted on grilled meat. Remember that the second sear will go quicker because the meat is already hot, so don’t have to wait as long after the turn before it’s ready to flip.
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