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Top 8 Tips to Make the Most of Your Permasteel Portable Pizza Oven

Wanna become a top-notch pizza master? Put the Permasteel portable pizza oven to work with our 8 creative tips! Find out how simple it is to customize your pizzas and amaze dinner guests. Get ready for a delicious and freshly stone-baked style pizza made right at home!

March 1, 2023
  1. Gather all the ingredients and tools you’ll be using (such as an infrared thermometer, pizza peeler, pizza turner, and pizza cutter).
  2. Turn the pizza oven on HIGH and wait 15-20 minutes before first use. Then adjust to MEDIUM temperature prior to cooking. (Warning: If you are in a windy location, please double-check your pizza oven and make sure the flame is on while cooking. Otherwise, repeat the steps to turn on the pizza oven at a HIGH temp.)
  3. Flour everything. It’s highly recommended to be generous when adding flour to the peeler.
  4. Place toppings without overloading the pizza. It’s best to stick with 2-3 toppings at most to ensure even and thorough cooking. Shake the dough/pizza continuously to ensure it doesn’t stick.
  5. Launch the pizza with a light thrust making sure not to slam the components inside. Be gentle.
  6. Keep the pizza centered in the oven or closer to the opening. Having the pizza too far back can cause the pizza to burn or cook unevenly.
  7. Rotate the pizza with the peeler every 15-20 seconds. Please keep an eye on the pizza at this time may vary.
  8. Pull out the pizza to check the status. If more time is needed, then return the pizza back to the oven. Please be sure to avoid eating any raw materials as some ingredients may cause illness.
  9. Enjoy your pizza!
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