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4 Tips for Cooking Fish on the Grill

September 19, 2022
4 Tips for Cooking Fish on the Grill

Fish is a tasty and healthy option for grilling, but it may be a new process for someone who is used to grilling steak and ribs. If you want to try cooking fish on the grill but are not sure where to start, here are our four favorite tips for getting your fish just right.

  1. Cook it skin on – There are some types of fish like halibut that have a rather tough skin that should be removed. However, many types of fish are delicious when served with nice crispy skin, and the char from the grill will help add that crisp along with a ton of flavor. Plus, the skin won’t stick to the grill as bad as the flesh of the fish.
  2. Clean the grill – You may like cooking your steaks or burgers on a grill that has all of the flavors of cookouts from the past. However, if you want to keep your fish from sticking, you may have to clean the grill. Oiling the skin will also help.
  3. Get a fish basket – They actually make fish baskets that allow you just to flip the entire basket instead of the individual fillets. This is a good option if you are cooking without the skin or with skin only on one side of the fillet.
  4. Use a wood or salt plank – You don’t get grill marks with a plank, but you do get a lot of flavors. Wood planks need to be soaked (you know, so they don’t catch fire), and they add some wood smoke flavor to your fish. A salt plank will give your fish a saltier, cured taste.
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