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3 Steps to Have Your Gas Grill Ready for the Grilling Season

September 19, 2022
3 Steps to Have Your Gas Grill Ready for the Grilling Season

It’s springtime, and that means Memorial Day weekend and your first big barbecue bash of the season are just around the corner! To ensure your gas grill is up to the challenge, here are 3 things you should do in advance of your first cookout of the new year.

  1. Spring Cleaning – It’s time to give that grill a good scrub down. If you cleaned it at the end of the season last year and kept it covered all winter, all you need is a light cleaning. If not, then you may have a big task ahead of you taking care of everything from scraping the grilling surface to cleaning out the grease trap.
  2. Safety Check – Check all of the hoses that go between the propane tank and the grill. You’re looking for cracks, broken seals, or anything else that could cause a dangerous leak. If you are concerned about a hose, coat it with soapy water. When you turn on the gas, you’ll get bubbles if there is a leak. Also, be sure to check the screws all around the grill to ensure everything is tight. You don’t want a handle or control knob to fly off suddenly.
  3. Maintenance – Replace any grill parts that are no longer functional. This can include a burner that has any holes in it or any rusted spots on the grill. If you found a leaky hose during your safety check, be sure to replace it before cooking.
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