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Top 12 Grilling Tips

August 1, 2022

1. For LP models, ensure that you have enough propane in the cylinder prior to starting the grill so that you do not run out midway through cooking.

2. Trim excess fat from meat to reduce flare-ups caused by grease drippings.

3. Before lighting the burners, spray the cooking grates with non-stick spray or vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking.

4. For best cooking results, always pre-heat the grill before adding food.

5. Do not add salt to meats prior to grilling as it may reduce the “juiciness” of the meat.

6. Never pierce meat with a fork during cooking – always use tongs or a spatula to rotate meat in order to preserve the internal juices.

7. When cooking large cuts of meat over lower temperature settings, brush the meat with vegetable oil prior to placing it on the cooking grates. This will aid in the “browning” of the meat during the cooking process.

8. Use the infrared searing burner on the “high” temperature setting to sear the outside of meat and lock in the juices. Then reduce the heat setting to continue cooking if necessary.

9. When basting foods, wait until approximately halfway through the cooking time to add the sauce. Sauces generally contain sugars and/or oils that may burn easily, so limiting their exposure to flames is recommended.

10. Unless specified differently in recipes, grill with the lid down. This will reduce heat loss and trap the smoke flavor within the grill.

11. When using a meat thermometer to check internal temperatures, ensure that the tip of the thermometer is in the center of the thickest part of the meat (for poultry, place the tip of the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh close to the body). Be sure that the tip of the thermometer is not resting in a fatty deposit or near the bone. This will ensure the most accurate temperature reading. See “Cooking Guide” section of this manual for desired internal temperatures for a variety of commonly grilled cuts of meat.

12. When grilling/rotisserie cooking large cuts of meat or extremely fatty meats, place an aluminum foil pan with approximately 1/2”-1” of water below the cooking grids and under the food. This will serve to catch grease drippings, which will prevent flare-ups and also serves to provide moisture to the food being cooked. Take care to fill up the pan with water while cooking as needed. Always wait for the grill to cool completely before trying to remove the pan. NOTE: water can be substituted with wine, beer, juice or other liquids for enhanced flavor.

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